Improved crosstalk reduction, Phantom center tonal correction and more...

2022 starts with great new features for our correction filters service !

Our quest for more accurate, realistic and engaging sound reproduction is taking a new step with these 3 updates

  • Improved crosstalk reduction

We have refined our algorithm to generate filters giving a more dynamic presentation : you'll get the advantage of crosstalk reduction (more precise and 3D soundstage) while preserving the dynamics of the source

  • Immersive filters

Taking benefit of our crosstalk reduction technology, we are able to generate "immersive" filters. With your usual stereo setup and stereo tracks you can now benefit from virtual surround speakers and get more enveloping and intimate feelings

  • Phantom center tonal correction

Any deviation from the standard equilateral listening triangle put the listener in different tonal conditions than the sound engineer. This is especially true for all centered sources like voices. This will be described in more details in a forthcoming blog post


You can have a taste of all these improvements by listening to a selection of audio tracks that have been processed with the different filters. These demos do not include room correction, so no measurements are required to enjoy them. Check them here


Phantom center tonal correction & improved crosstalk reduction will be included in existing filters packages. The immersive filters will become a separate option.