Loudspeakers & room digital correction services

Digital correction can drastically improve the listening experience and is now a must for any computer based audio gear. We believe that current solutions do not offer the right potential and flexibility for the end user.

The limitations come either from the additional hardware inserted in the reproduction chain or from the needed simplification to reach almost "automatic" calibration procedures.

Loudspeaker & room interaction is a complex phenomenon and better correction can be achieved by manual processing of measurements.

This is why we have created this service :

  • You do the easy tasks : make measurements & enjoy the music
  • We take care of the complexity for you and generate the appropriate filters

We are as well offering an audio plugin to address the long resonances that are not always well corrected by filters.


NEW : we are now proposing a plugin to improve the headphones listening experience (check the plugins page)

Make your own measurements, we generate the right correction

Free Trial

You can freely test our solution : choose a sample music track and we generate the corresponding processed file for testing

Affordable, Powerful, Flexible

Our advanced & unique correction techniques will bring the highest level of realism you can expect from your system: perfect timing, perfect tonal balance & extended soundstage.

As our solution is flexible we can integrate specific demands like cross over filtering for active multi way systems.

The only solution combining acoustic crosstalk reduction and room correction