Pricing info

The service price is as following:


Filters based on measurements and including room correction:

  • "Standard" option :  119€ = filters w/o cross talk reduction(including sampling frequencies from 44.1 to 384 kHz)
  • "Excellence" option : 169€ = filters with & w/o cross talk reduction(generic model)
  • "Excellence head" option : 189€ = filters with & w/o cross talk reduction (head model)
  • "Excellence HRTF" option : 239€ = filters with & w/o cross talk reduction (HRTF) (up to 4 HRTF variants to cover multi users case)
  • "Immersive" or "relief" filters option : 39€ 


We apply discount prices if you already ordered a filters set and you need a new iteration (new loudspeakers, amplifier, DAC, new room configuration) : 35€ for standard option, 45€ for version with cross talk reduction (generic model), 65€ (head model), 99€ (HRTF)


Crosstalk reduction upgrades only (no change on RTF measurements) : 29€ for head model, 79€ for HRTF



  • Room Shaper : 129€ (69€ for HAF service customers)
  • X-talk Shaper : 129€ (69€ for HAF service customers)
  • Soundstage Shaper : 69€
  • Hifi Aid : 69€
  • Room Cleaner : 69€


For any other specific demand (like cross over filters) please use the contact form.

Payment with Paypal or bank transfer.



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