Room Shaper update and his new little brother...

So far Room Shaper playground was the low and medium range. We have now managed to extent its operational range to higher frequencies.

Even if the concept of reverberation time mainly applies to large rooms like concert halls, it can be extended to smaller rooms by looking

at the energy decay time and how it evolves depending on frequency range.


Large fluctuations of decay time in narrow frequency bands is a fingerprint of small room in the low end where resonances dominate.

In the upper range, the variations are usually on a broader frequency range and come from variations of acoustical damping in the room.

As for the low end a too long decay time is negative for the listening experience : it smears transients and can lead to agressive sound.


We have managed to include a psycho acoustics correction to minimize such negative effet : this new option can be activated with the new "Hi range" control

This feature is also available in "Room Cleaner" the new little brother : it is a stepped down version of Room Shaper that can be configured manually

using room reverberation times measured with a tablet or phone app (if you don't want to buy a measurement microphone)

New version of Room Shaper is available here

Room Cleaner is available here


PS: Room Shaper "impact" function has been revised to avoid some audio artefacts. As new informations need to be extracted from measurements, a re-configuration is needed before using the plugin